About Us

Toshio (S) Pte Ltd was set up in 1988 as a company specializing in Compressed Air Systems and Installations. The company provides solutions and information to all compressed air users.

As Regional Distributor for compressed air systems,Toshio (S) Pte Ltd is an established pioneer and expert in CONDENSATE MANAGEMENT AND OIL/WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS.

Toshio (S) Pte Ltd was instrumental in enhancing awareness of discharging oil contamination into Singapore sewerage systems to meet the requirements of ISO14001 as well as in the new code of practice from Singapore Ministry Of Environment.

Toshio (S) Pte Ltd is also a reputable consultant and supplier of CENTRALIZED LUBRICATION SYSTEMS.

Brands & Products

  • Beko Condensate Management Systems
  • Delimon Centralised Lubrication Systems
  • Beko Oil Emulsion Splitting Systems
  • Hiross Air Dryers & Chillers
  • Parker Finite Filters
  • Concordia Valves


Markets covered by Toshio (S) Pte Ltd includes the whole Asia Pacific Region.

Seminars And Product Updates

Seminars and training programs are conducted from time to time for updating endusers of new products and systems involving compressed air and centralised lubrication. Interested parties will be notified prior to the next event.

For notification and updates, please email to toshio@toshio.com.sg

Worldwide Service

All enquiries and possibilities for regional co-operation are welcome.